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Welcome to the Technology page! 

Technology Update


In an effort to keep our technology curriculum current, a district-wide initiate is to promote critical thinking and problem solving skills throughout all disciplines. As a result, we are working on a combined effort with the elementary schools to bring more coding into the technology courses that are currently being taught. is a basis for many of our online lessons at this level. 


On the secondary level, students are exposed to robust coding lessons throughout the curriculum.

In MS, students use Scratch, and several other online programs to practice and explore coding to increase their level of skill.

On the HS level, students are further immersed in project-based learning experiences through the Technology & Engineering Department. This department's curriculum is designed to focus on advancing skills and logic through media, industrial arts, coding, and engineering.

Transferring / Exporting Your Gmail, Drive Files, And Other Google Data

Copying and transferring your email and My Drive files to a personal Google account takes only a few steps when you use Google’s transfer tool. You can also use another program called, Google Takeout, but it is a longer process. It takes about a week to completely transfer all of your data, so give yourself enough time to do so.

To Begin:

Access Google's transfer tool from your Google Account Profile Page for your account. 

  1. Simply click on your profile image for your account in Google. Then click on TRANSFER CONTENT from the Home page.
  2. Next click on Transfer your content to start the process. You will need to select a destination and verify that location.

Important Considerations Before You Begin

Download Files That Do Not Get Copied

You can download your Gmail contacts, your YouTube videos, and your photo albums in Google Photos. See Google's Account Help Download your data. 

Aspen Student Information System

Aspen is a Student Information Management System created by X2 Development Corporation. The Dover Sherborn Public Schools use Aspen to manage student information including grading, scheduling, attendance, discipline, and other data. Parents\guardians can log into Aspen to view information about their children.

Aspen Login

Aspen Family Portal is available as our student information system
Getting Started with the Aspen Family and Student Portals (brochure)


Technology Directory

Technology help and assistance has been centralized for all three school districts.
If you are in need of assistance, please click the IT Help Desk icon on the desktop of any school computer to report the issue.

Teresa Bien-Aime

Technology Teacher
Pine Hill School

Kurt Bonetti

Jr. Network Administrator
DS Middle School, Central Office, Pine Hill School

Lucan Curtis-Mahoney

IT Technician
DS Middle School, Central Office

David Gaffny

Technology Teacher
Chickering School

Karen Gibbs

Data Manager
DS Middle School, Central Office

Nicholas Grout

Tech/Eng Department Head
DS High School

Nick Jones

Sr. Network Admin
Chickering School, DS Middle School, Central Office

Amanda Lydon

Technology Teacher
DS High School

Brett McCoy

Tech & Engineering Teacher
DS Middle School

Sandra Sammarco

Technology Teacher
DS Middle School

Noah Schulze

Technology Teacher
DS High School

Michael Sweeney

L/F/T Arts Teacher
DS High School

Technology Integration

Technology integration at Dover Sherborn happens seamlessly throughout the districts in various classrooms.

As part of each Technology Plan Supplement, the focus on teaching and learning includes the integration of digital resources to enhance the educational experience and provide students with the necessary skills to be active participants in the 21st Century. 

Dover Sherborn MS Technology Teacher: Sandra Sammarco Tech Talk Blog
Chickering Elementary School Technology Teacher/Integrator: David Gaffny Website
Pine Hill Elementary School Technology Teacher/Integrator: Teresa Bien-Aime Pine Hill Technology Blog
Dover Sherborn HS Librarian:  Paul Butterworth High School
HS Destiny Page
Dover Sherborn MS Librarian:  Wendy Lutz Middle School
MS Destiny Page
Chickering Elementary School Librarian: Anna Ring Chickering Destiny Page
Pine Hill Elementary School Librarian Pine Hill
Pine Hill Destiny Page
Pine Hill LibGuides

Integrators and librarians from each school have highlighted topics of interest and provided resources to share. Below are some additional overall links about technology in education.

35 Digital Tools that Work with Bloom's Taxonomy by Felecia Young

1. Creating – In creating, students create projects that involve video editing, storytelling, video casting, podcasting, and animating. Digital tools to allow students to create include: Story Kit, Comic Life, iMovie, Book Creator, and, SonicPics, Fotobabble, and Sock Puppet (In addition to Felecia's list, Little Bird Tales and VoiceThread are great apps as well!)

2. Evaluating – In evaluating students show their understanding of a topic or participate in evaluating a peers understanding of a topic. Digital tools to allow students to evaluate include:  Google Docs, Poll Everywhere, Socrative, BrainPOP and Today’s Meet.

3. Analyzing – In analyzing students complete tasks that involves structuring, surveying, outlining, and organizing. Digital tools to allow students to analyze include: Google Forms,, Poll Everywhere,, Study Blue, Keynote, and  Stickyboard. (In addition to Felecia's list, Inspiration and Popplet are great apps as well!)

4. Applying – In applying students illustrate, present, demonstrate, and simulate. Digital tools that allow students to apply include: Google Slides, Screencastify, Flipgrid, Fotobabble, Keynote, Podomatic, and Skype.. (In addition to Felecia's list, ShowMe and  ExplainEverything are great apps as well!)

5. Understanding – In understanding students explain, blog, subscribe, categorize, annotate, and tweet. Digital tools to allow students to understand include:  Google Slides, PowerPoint, Google Blogs, Fotobabble,, Twitter,  neu.Annotate.

6. Remembering – In remembering students recall, bookmark, list, search, create mindmaps, and write. Digital tools to allow students to remember include:  Pages, Google Docs, Study Blue, and  Wordle.
Overall, Google Keep and EverNote are wonderful app to help students create, organize and save a repository of notes, projects and other school-related work.