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Building relationships, encouraging leadership, opening opportunities


The D-S/METCO Mission:

The mission of the METCO Program is to provide urban and suburban students with opportunities to enrich their academic, personal, and interpersonal experiences. At DS, we believe that the METCO experience should offer rigorous academics, afford opportunities for personal growth, foster positive relationships with peers, families and alumni, attend to well-being, build leadership skills, and provide a strong academic foundation


About the Metropolitan Council of Educational Opportunity (METCO)

Since its founding during the peak of the Civil Rights Movement, the METCO program has enrolled tens of thousands of Boston students of color in predominantly white school districts, creating the opportunity for students in those districts to experience the advantages of learning and working in a racially and ethnically diverse setting.  The METCO program has been in the Dover-Sherborn Public Schools since 1968.  Boston resident students are admitted into the Dover Sherborn Public Schools under this grant. The grant is funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under the Racial Imbalance Act; the program consists of approximately 40 students in grades kindergarten through twelve.


METCO Mission Statement

To provide students with educational opportunities designed to enrich their academic, personal and interpersonal experiences. It is our belief that the METCO experience should provide a strong academic foundation, as well as an academic environment rich in cultural, educational, ethnic and racial diversity.


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METCO Director
METCO Office: 
Dover Sherborn Middle School
155 Farm St, Dover, MA 02030
PH: 508-785-0036 

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