Administration, Faculty and Staff Directory




Administrative Staff Contact Information





Dr. Barbara A. Brown
Principal 3155
Ms. Allison Gullingsrud
Assistant Principal 3151
Ms. Amy Sandler
School Counselor 3152
Ms. Naomi O'Brien
Special Education Elementary Coordinator 3154
Ms. Laura Driscoll
Special Education Team Chair 3153

Support Staff Contact Information





Ms. Kristen Diebus
Administrative Assistant   3156
Ms. Sharma Horsch Administrative Assistant  3100
Ms. Jill Fedor
School Nurse    3150 
Ms. Lisa Blair Psychologist  
Ms. Julie Ma
Behavior Consultant    
Ms. Melissa Feldman Occupational Therapist  
Ms. Natalia Shea Occupational Therapist  
Ms. Laura O'Garr Physical Therapist  
Mr. Peter Gimblett
Head Custodian    3295
Ms. Tracey Carlin
Extended Day Director    508-651-2771

Teaching Faculty Contact Information





Ms. Molly Sullivan 

Pre-School Teacher

Ms. Meredith Connery Kindergarten Teacher  
Ms. Lee Jeffries Kindergarten Teacher  
Ms. Stephanie Parker Kindergarten Teacher  
Ms. Jenee Aguilar
First Grade Teacher    
Ms. Sara Fabri First Grade Teacher  
Ms. Emily Gird First Grade Teacher  
Ms. Stephanie Edelglass  Second Grade Teacher  

Ms. Marlene Custodio

Second Grade Teacher  
Ms. Susan Jarboe Second Grade Teacher  
Ms. Rebecca Mealey Second Grade Teacher    
Ms. Pam Ritchie Third Grade Teacher  

Ms. Megan Scobie

Third Grade Teacher  

Ms. Cindy Sidman

Third Grade Teacher  
Ms. Nikki Carter
Forth Grade Teacher    
Ms. Kirsi Hilton Fourth Grade Teacher  
Ms. Allie Morey Fourth Grade Teacher  
Ms. Nicole Darrah
Fifth Grade Teacher     
Ms. Sarah DeBenedictis Fifth Grade Teacher   
Ms. Heather Mackay  Fifth Grade Teacher   
Ms. Rachel Santiano Fifth Grade Teacher 
Mr. Dan Davis 
Band Teacher     
Ms. Kelly Hodge  Music Teacher
Ms. Tonya Bridge

Spanish Teacher

Ms. Whitney Shuster Spanish Teacher    
Mr. Kevin Barry
Art Teacher    
Ms. Amy Beigel PE Teacher  
Ms. Teresa Bien-Aime Technology Specialist
Ms. Laurie Ryan  Librarian   
Ms. Jen Ryan 
Literacy Specialist    
Ms. Lindsay Weiner
Math Specialist    
Ms. Georgia Lanier Special Education Teacher  
Ms. Robin Mansfield Special Education Teacher  
Ms. Anna Martignetti Special Education Teacher    
Mr. Chris Randa Special Education Teacher  
Ms. Sara Kennedy Special Education - GO Teacher  
Ms. Nicole Parsons Special Education Teacher  
Ms. Catherine Scollins 
Speech and Language Teacher     
Ms. Judy Southey
Speech and Language Teacher     


The Dover Sherborn Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex/gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or homelessness.

  • Dover-Sherborn Public Schools
  • 157 Farm Street, Dover, MA 02030
  • Phone (508) 785-0036
  • Fax (508) 785-2239
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