Medication Administration Policy


General Information

Along with a child’s medicine, parents/guardians must provide a dated, signed note stating the following:

  1. Name of student 

  2. Diagnosis

  3. Name of the medication, dosage and route of administration

  4. Time that medication is to be given, date that it is to be stopped, and any special instructions

Medication Policy

Students are not allowed to keep or carry medications of any kind on their person or in a backpack, desk, locker, etc. All medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter, must be brought to school by an adult and given to the nurse.

Any medication on school property must be kept locked in a place designated by the school nurse. At the end of the school year parents/guardians need to pick up all medications since they may not be sent home with the children.

If your child needs to be medicated during school hours the nurse will give the medication to him/her at the proper time. The medicine must be brought to the nurse by a parent/guardian in the original pharmacy-labeled container for prescription medicine, or in the original manufacturer’s labeled container for over-the-counter medicine. No baggies, please!

If your child will require the medication for a prolonged period of
time, either on a daily or an as-needed basis (e.g. inhalers, psychotropics, epipens), please see the school nurse for the state-required forms that must be completed by the parents/guardians and the licensed prescriber of the medication. If a student is at risk for an acute episode of some kind (e.g. severe allergic reaction to peanuts or insect stings), one dose of the prescribed medication for relief should be left with the school nurse for use in an emergency situation. Such medication will also require a completed form as described above.

If this medication must be administered to the student during school hours, the school will attempt to reach the parent/guardian immediately. In the event that they cannot be reached, or at the discretion of the school nurse, the school will contact the prescribing physician for additional instructions and/or the Sherborn Rescue Squad.

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