"What Ifs" for Parents

At the middle school, many adults are involved in a child’s life. Parents may be unsure who to contact with a particular concern or request.  We hope the following suggestions are helpful. 

WHAT IF…..my child is being teased or bullied? Contact your child’s guidance counselor. The counselor will then work with teachers and/or the Assistant Headmaster to investigate the situation.

WHAT IF….I would like to discuss a personal or family issue my child is dealing with? Contact your child’s guidance counselor.

WHAT IF…my child is having academic issues in a particular class? Always contact the teacher first. Then, if you have additional concerns, contact your son or daughter’s guidance counselor. 

WHAT IF…my child is having behavioral issues? Contact your child’s team leader or guidance counselor first. If you are still concerned, contact the Assistant Headmaster.

WHAT IF…..I have a question about the curriculum? Contact your child’s teacher first. If you have additional concerns, contact the appropriate curriculum leader.

WHAT IF….. I would like to request that teachers fill out an ADD scale for my child? Please submit your request to your child’s guidance counselor and she will distribute the forms to your child’s teachers. Include the doctor’s name and address so that the results can be mailed to the requesting physician. Please do not send these forms directly to the teachers.

WHAT IF…..my child was tested outside of school for learning or emotional concerns and I would like to share the results with teachers?If you would like to share outside testing results with teachers, please give the results to your child's guidance counselor. The counselor will summarize this report and present it to teachers. Please do not submit evaluations to teachers.

WHAT IF…..my child’s schedule is incorrect? Contact the guidance counselor first. If you have additional concerns, contact the Assistant Headmaster.

The Dover Sherborn Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex/gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or homelessness.

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