Extracurricular Activities

Updated for 2019-2020

The Rest is a student-managed, coed, a cappella singing group that focuses primarily on popular music.  Performances include two GSA Coffee Houses per year, the winter and spring concerts, baccalaureate service, graduation, local benefits, community events, and the AFS Talent Show. Funds are raised through CD sales and earnings from certain performances and through grants from Friends of the Performing Arts. Current members hold auditions for new members at the beginning of each school year. The group meets once a week for one and a half to two hours, and more frequently prior to a performance. The average number of members is 12-14.
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Bridger

A CAPPELLA: Noteworthy
Description TBA
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Herrmann

AFS is an international exchange program. Our student club encourages Dover-Sherborn High School students to travel abroad; both school year and summer programs are available. Opportunities are also available to host foreign exchange students for the school year. The club provides both support and social events for visiting AFS students. Throughout the year, the club organizes and participates in many activities including the main event, the AFS weekend in November. Dover-Sherborn invites more than 20 foreign exchange students living in the New England area to visit our school. The exchange students are hosted for the weekend by club members and are recognized in the annual AFS Talent Show. Officers are elected and the annual dues are $5.00. The club meets monthly and has over 50 members.
Advisor: Ms. Kim Phelan

Description TBA
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Herrmann

ART CLUB: Open Studios
The Art Club is devoted to artistic expression and appreciation, and welcomes students of all ability levels, from novice to expert. Students participating in Art Club have completed projects including designing and printing custom t-shirts, creating a calendar of student artwork, collaborating on a mural, a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts and drawing and painting just about everything you can think of!
Faculty Advisors: Mr. Buck, Ms. Wright, Ms. Blais

Our goal is to expose members of the club to what it takes to operate and create a successful business as well as teaching them stock market basics. Much like history class, the members of the club will research the history of companies that were both successful and unsuccessful. Here, members will learn the factors behind their success. In addition, we use a simulated stock market where members choose companies to invest in and track the growth of their portfolio. Towards the end of the year, students will go into groups and create their own Business and will pitch it to the rest of the club.
Advisor: Ms. Lotti

CAPAY is a group that participates in activities to raise awareness of Asian American issues and Asian culture.  CAPAY sponsors Asian movie night, Asian potluck, CAPAY Conference tour of Chinatown, the celebration of Asian American Heritage month, and cooking classes.  CAPAY only fundraises when required. An example of past fundraising involved selling Chinese New Year envelopes and paper cuts in order to generate funds for the Pang Lui village in China. CAPAY meets once per month. The average number of members is 20.
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Moy

The Chess Team practices and competes against area high schools from December to March.  There is also an Individual Tournament at Sharon High School on a Saturday in March. Practices are on Wednesdays from 2:30 p.m. to 3:20 p.m. and approximately 10 matches are scheduled on Mondays from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The average size of the team is 15, with five as “starters” competing against other schools.   
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Amber

The Dover-Sherborn Exchange Group is in China for eight weeks, typically from the end of January until the end of March, depending on the date of Chinese New Year.  Participating students must be seniors; participating teachers are selected from either the Dover Sherborn Middle School or High School.
The Hangzhou Exchange Group equals the D-S Group in size but their arrival time is variable.  The group size for each delegation is one teacher with either 2 or 3 students. The first group exchange was in the Fall of 2002, though presently both groups travel in the spring. Read More about the China Exchange Program
Faculty Advisors: Ms. Barrett, Ms. Waterman

Students in the Community Service Club choose and organize monthly projects to benefit different groups. Some of the projects that the group has organized in the past include a Halloween Costume Drive for Massachusetts children in need; a Walk for Hunger group; and weekly trips to the Boston Food Bank to deliver baked goods from area supermarkets. Open to students of all grades, this organization is largely student-run and meets every few weeks to plan.
Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Waterman

Have you ever wanted to make a video game, but don't know how? Have you ever wanted to publish an app on the app store but not have the resources? Join the computer programing club and learn how to do this, and much more! No matter if you are a beginner or expert, you will find something new and fun to do. Personal computers are encouraged but not required.
Faculty Advisors: Mrs. Alighieri, Mrs. Papafotopoulos

The Conservative Club at Dover-Sherborn High School is a political organization for high school students to explore conservative ideology and support the Republican party.  This organization’s mission is to educate and unite young adults in order to protect freedom and liberty. Throughout the year we will have fundraisers that will support our troops as well as sponsoring other events that will engage in our basic principles in this Republican club.
Advisor: Mr. Amber

Description: TBA  Faculty Advisor: Mr. Schnabel

Down to Earth is the environmental club at DS, and it is our mission to make our school and community more environmentally friendly. In the past, we have organized Earth Week every April and ran activities like a bake sale and an environmental movie showing after school. This November we volunteered at Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick.  Some of our plans for the future are to work on the school’s garden, volunteer with more environmental charities, and organize green events around the school. We meet every other Thursday and we will occasionally meet on the weekend, but you are welcome to attend as many or as few meetings as you are able to.
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Gomez

Dover-Sherborn High School produces two productions each year. The fall drama is a non-musical production. A musical is performed in the winter. There is a banquet in the spring for participants.

Fall Play 
Auditions for the fall play are held at the start of the school year. Rehearsals take place after school in September and October until the three November performances. There are no weekend rehearsals except a technical rehearsal the Saturday before the show. Additional information can be found on the following website: Drama Website 
Faculty Advisor: Carmel Bergeron (bergeronc@doversherborn.org)

Winter Musical 
Auditions are held after school in mid-December. Rehearsals are held three times per week until the performances in March. There is additional rehearsal time during the week of the performances. The crew meets on Saturdays in the winter to create the set. There are four performances, featuring two casts of leads. There are approximately 40 cast members, 30 crew members, and 10 pit musicians in the musical.  Additional information can be found on the following website: Drama Website 
Faculty Advisor: Scott Walker (walkers@doversherborn.org)

EPIIC: Tufts Inquiry
The Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship (EPIIC) Inquiry program at Tufts University is designed to promote civic engagement through discussion and debate of national and international issues. Students who participate in this program, chosen through a lottery system of sophomore honors history students, will attend multiple meets per month throughout the winter and spring in preparation for a weekend simulation at Tufts University around a chosen issue or theme for that particular year. More information about EPIIC can be found on the Tufts website.
Faculty Advisor: Mr. O'Hagan 

The Film Club’s purpose is to help increase awareness about the medium of film and cultivate the next generation of actors, producers, screenwriters and filmmakers through all channels of viewing. The club members meet weekly to plan and produce short films, watch movies and videos.  Also, once a month, club members meet with teacher/expert specializing in acting, directing, producing and screenwriting for film as well as media, web and TV production and broadcasting.
Advisor: Dr. Loncich

The fitness center is open after school from 2:20-3:15, for all students.  You do not need to be an athlete to participate in the Fitness Club. You can work out as an individual or within a group. Whether training for a specific sport or you are just looking to get into a little better shape, the fitness club welcomes one and all.  We look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals!
Faculty Advisors: Mr. Felper, Mr. Gruseck, Mr. Ryan

Focus on Fur’s mission is to promote animal welfare within our community and grow awareness for animals in local shelters. During our meetings, we will gather animal supplies, organize goodie bags, and visit shelters. We want to actively spread the awareness of animal welfare with other students and create ideas that benefit all animals in need. We usually meet once every other week and we would love students that may be interested in veterinary studies or wants to be in a club that relates to animals or any animal lovers.
Advisor: Ms. Leah Li

The French Club is a place for students to practice their French skills, as well as learn about French culture and current events. The goal is to stimulate interest in the French language and customs in an environment not limited to French students alone. Activities for this club include: eating French food, watching French movies/shows, and writing to our friends in France- as well as listening to French music, celebrating French holidays, and playing French games. Our goal is to teach one another and promote exploration of French outside of class and to have fun while doing so.
Advisor: Ms. Waterman

Detailed information can be found here by clicking on this link to the Global Citizenship Program website

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Lotti 

The GSA’s mission is to create a safe environment for all members of the Dover Sherborn High School community by educating students and staff about GSA issues.  GSA sponsors both club and school-wide events, including annual coffee houses, outdoor concerts (DStock) and movie nights. Once a year it organizes a Day of Silence to recognize those in our culture who are discriminated against because of sexual orientation; members also participate in the AIDS Walk.  Funds that are raised through admission fees from our social events are used to procure speakers and performances for the entire school community.  The group meets twice a month and more frequently prior to an event.  The average number of members is 30. 
Faculty Advisors: Mr. Huntoon, Mr. Williamson

Made up of juniors and seniors, the Harvard Model United Nations club engages in an authentic simulation of the United Nations by going to the Harvard Model United Nations conference in January to learn about the UN system,  compromise, conflict resolution, and negotiation. HMUN team members have fun learning about the workings of world diplomacy through the lens of current events. At the end of the prior school year, the club is assigned a country, and during the conference the members of the club act as delegates of the country represented.
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Kaplan 

The Comedy/Improv Club focuses on exploring comedy, with the main goal of laughter, entertainment, and enjoyment. The group will watch comedic sketches and stand-up, as well as films and sitcoms, as studies in technique. For those interested, there will also be opportunities to do improv and/or write our own comedy within the group.  The club is intended to be a relaxed, friendly environment; everyone is encouraged to join.
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Brett McCoy 

The MARC program is a student advocacy group inspired by the ground-breaking work done by the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridgewater State College. The Dover Sherborn MARC program works to educate students on topics of social exclusion and cyber and real-time bullying. The goal is to empower students to create a school climate that matches the intent of our mission statement that each student deserves to learn in "...an atmosphere of freedom and trust in a safe and nurturing environment."
Faculty Advisors: Mr. Butterworth, Ms. Hannah Wright

The Massachusetts High School Democrats (MAHSD) is a political organization that serves as an entry point for high schoolers from the state to the Democratic party. The organization’s resources, political connections, and network of hardworking and like-minded students give members a unique opportunity to expand their involvement in politics. Since the 2016 election, the Democratic party is at somewhat of a crossroads; and we, the young people of America, need to be involved in shaping the future of our town, party, and country. The stated goals of the MAHSD are as follows:

  • Create a community of progressive and politically active high schoolers that want to gain first-hand experience working with candidates, allied organizations, and state and local Democratic parties.

  • Promote activism from youth to take charge of the fight for important social and education issues.

  • Connect high schoolers with local organizations, candidates, and politicians in the form of internships to get them involved in the political scene.

  • Interact with local politicians to work collaboratively on issues that matter to high schoolers and to advance the ideals of the Democratic party.

  • Foster an environment which encourages students to engage in the political process, not ignore it.

  • Develop key civic programs such as voter registration.  

  • Advocate for issues that will affect high schoolers now and in the future.

Advisor: Ms. Melad

The math team is open to students who enjoy mathematics and are interested in competing with other schools in the Southeastern Massachusetts Mathematics League. Team members compete in scheduled meets and frequently qualify for State and New England competitions. There are seven monthly meets per year from November through May. The club meets or completes packets of math problems twice a month. The average number of members is 25.
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Amber

The mock trial team competes in the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Education Division Mock Trial competition for schools in Massachusetts.  Students receive a packet of information on the year’s case from the Bar Association and then meet to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each side of the case. Once these are established, roles are assigned and students practice their arguments for both prosecution/plaintiff and defense.  The Bar then schedules trials at the District Courts, in which the team competes against other schools, trying to move through the rounds to the state championship.  Meeting times vary. As the competition date approaches, longer meetings are held to work through the entire trial, test questions and lines of argument, and get students accustomed to thinking on their feet. The competition trials are held in January and February.  These could be extended if the team moves on to regional and state competitions. The team is currently funded by a grant from the Education Fund. The average number of members is 10-15. 
Faculty Advisors: Mr. Bourque

The Murals Club was formed in 2014 with the goal to create canvas murals to decorate the walls of DSHS. The Murals Club meets each week after school and is open to all students who are interested in sketching and painting our murals. Our goal is to create one mural each term, and we are open to suggestions from students for the subject and location of murals throughout the school! 

Faculty Advisors: Mrs. Waterman, Ms. Wright

The Music Club is a group of students that meet weekly to play music, learn about music, and share techniques, songs, and skills.  The meeting atmosphere is informal and supportive and the goal is to encourage musicians at all levels to practice and collaborate.  The club sponsors coffee houses at Lindquist Commons, and sometimes organizes larger events in the community.  Students who wish can learn how to use the school's recording equipment to mix and make professional sounding CD's of their music.  The club is open to all and meets in Mr. Bridger's room, where there are many instruments and songbooks.
Faculty Advisor:  Mr. Bridger

At the beginning of every school year, juniors and seniors who have a GPA of 3.8 or higher are invited to apply to the Dover-Sherborn chapter of the National Honor Society. Although academic achievement is a prerequisite for membership, qualified applicants should understand that the National Honor Society is also a leadership and service organization. Ideally, members will have demonstrated themselves to be brilliant and diligent scholars who have stood out in the classroom and even at the state or national level through winning academic awards or competitions. They will have handled setbacks with grace and perseverance. Members will have demonstrated character by proving themselves trustworthy and reliable whether or not they are at school, whether or not someone is watching. They will have distinguished themselves as leaders inside or outside of school by serving in elected, appointed, or volunteer positions in which they have proved themselves able to guide and motivate others. Students will have distinguished themselves in their devotion to serving others, certainly going far beyond the minimum graduation community service requirement.

According to the National Honor Society Handbook, membership is: "an honor bestowed upon a student. Selection to NHS is a privilege, not a right. Students […] provide information to be used by the local selection committee [Faculty Council] to support their candidacy for membership. This is not an election, nor is membership automatic simply because a student has achieved the specified level of academic performance [3.8 average or above is required]. Selection for membership is based on outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities."  

Applications for membership consideration are typically due between the second and third week of September. The supporting information that students supply is reviewed by the Faculty Council and then selected students to receive an invitation to join the Dover-Sherborn chapter of the National Honor Society. The application form can be downloaded in a Microsoft Word format or a Google Drive Format

Additional NHS information can be found on Ms. Andrews' NHS page.
Faculty Advisors: Ms. Andrews, Ms. Melad

NESCO (Nora Elizabeth Searle Community Outreach) is a volunteer organization at Dover Sherborn High School in which friends of Nora create opportunities to raise monies, collect donations and provide services that benefit children in the local and wider communities as well as around the world, all in honor and memory of their friend, Nora Elizabeth Searle.  The group has organizational meetings monthly and usually focuses on 4-5 projects each year.
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Chagnon

Chosen through a selective application and interview process each spring, Peer Helpers work with the high school faculty to help new students transition to Dover Sherborn High School. They plan and organize events like Freshman Welcome Day, a yearly middle school dance, eighth-grade tours, and a series of freshman seminars throughout the year covering topics such as the transition to high school, making healthy decisions, and preparing for exams.
Faculty Advisors: Mr. Grady, Mr. Williamson

The Pine Street Inn Breakfast Club consists of juniors and seniors who volunteer at the Pine Street Inn in Boston.  Every other Friday morning the students meet at 5:00 a.m. at the high school and travel with a teacher by school van to the Pine Street Inn. There they serve breakfast to the homeless clients of the Inn. Return to the high school is at 8:30 a.m.  The average number of members is 20-25 but only 11 students at a time may serve meals.
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Baroody

Relay for Life is a group at the school that helps plan and run an evening fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  As with other Relay for Life events, participants raise funds by asking people to pledge money in support of their commitment to walking continuously around the track to show that fighting cancer is an ongoing battle.  The members of this group are committed to supporting those whose lives have been affected by cancer and to help find a cure for this insidious disease
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Menice

The Dover-Sherborn High School Robotics Club participates in the FIRST Tech Challenge which is a robotics program for ages 14-18.   Students design, build and program a robot to accomplish tasks in a game that is released every September by FIRST.  In competitions, two alliances of two teams each compete head-to-head using an existing sports model.  The season begins with the kick-off in September and competitions take place throughout the winter.  The MA State Championship is held in March.  The club meets after school as well as on the weekends.  The club is open to all students and no prior robotics experience is necessary.
Faculty Advisor: TBA

RUNES: Literary Magazine
Members of Runes produce the annual Dover-Sherborn High School literary and art magazine, RUNES. Members are responsible for the layout of the magazine, which is a collection of students’ work containing approximately 45 pieces of literature and 25 graphic representations of artwork.  In past years, RUNES has won awards from the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and the Columbia Journalism Contest.  Other club events encourage student literary and artistic talent as well as social activities. Runes sponsors school-wide contests in both art and writing yearly.  The group meets twice a month during the first semester to evaluate submissions. During the second semester, meetings are more frequent as we produce the book.  The average number of members is 20.    
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Lindsay Li

SADD is an organization of caring students concerned with the issues of underage drinking, drug use, impaired driving, and seatbelt safety.  SADD works to raise awareness of these issues through educational programs, speakers’ campaigns, and fun, drug-free activities.  Special events include the Red Ribbon Project, the 6th Grade Halloween Dance, speakers for SADD week, White Out Day, Face: a three-screen multimedia event, the SADD Prom Fashion Show, the SADD State Conference, and the Youth In Action Conference. Fundraising to support guest speakers and conferences includes the
sale of tickets for the Evening of Giving at the Natick Mall and the SADD Prom Fashion Show. SADD meets twice per month. The average number of members is 85. 
Faculty Advisors: Ms.Menice, Mr. Bourque

The Senior Project website can be viewed here. 

Each senior has the opportunity to complete a significant Senior Project during the fourth quarter of senior year.  Students work with faculty and staff to develop career-related projects and to determine the amount of time needed outside of school to complete them.  Time frames are varied and flexible depending on students’ remaining course commitments and the time needed to work on the project.  Each student has a mentor on the Dover-Sherborn staff as well as a project supervisor at their placement.  Students must be supervised at all times. 

A student begins the process by submitting a one-page draft of his or her idea in the early fall.  Possible options include:        

·         interning at a business, hospital, school, etc. 
·         volunteering at a service agency
·         working at an animal shelter or local farm
·         interning at Mission Hill School in Jamaica Plain

Project activities may not include paid work, or work for an immediate family member. 
Faculty Advisors: Ms. Clancy, Ms. Bishop

Student Council is the student government at Dover-Sherborn High School. Four elected students from each grade provide an outlet for the students’ voice to be heard by the school administration. Student Council works to raise school and community spirit by events such as Spirit Week, March Madness, Teacher Appreciation Day, and a Red Cross Blood Drive. Student Council meets twice per month for approximately one hour.  
Faculty Advisors: Mr. Hickey, Ms. Spezzano

The School Newspaper is an after-school club made up of students from all four grades.  We publish an online paper once a quarter to report on DSHS news along with editorials, student and teacher interviews, student art & literature, and any other current interest stories for our school community.  Members of the newspaper club are encouraged to make at least one contribution to each quarterly publication. Check out past editions by clicking here.
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Estabrook

Time Out For Kids is an organization comprised of students whose motto is “Kids Helping Kids”. Club activities include the annual Spelling Bee, raffles, children’s concerts and clothing drives. Past funds have been used for Free The Children, donating textbooks for Indian schools, purchasing library books for the village library in Pang Liu China, and for sending students to Safe Haven camp for students with AIDS. Time Out For Kids meets once a month. The average number of members is 15.
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Santos

The Frisbee Club is a co-ed club that competes in Ultimate Frisbee games on Tuesdays after school from 2:30-3:30 pm throughout the fall and spring seasons.
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Levasseur

Women’s Group meets weekly to discuss and explore topics about girls and women in a safe and friendly environment. Our mission is to provide a safe space for students to talk about news stories, issues in our society, and relevant topics in our own school community as a way to promote self-advocacy and women’s rights. The group may participate in identifying fundraising activities to raise money to hold screenings of films and possibly speakers.
Faculty Advisors: Ms. McGovern, Ms. Andrews

Unlike most of the clubs and activities listed here, Yearbook is actually a year-long course. Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, Yearbook is always seeking creative, enthusiastic people for its staff. Members are given the rare opportunity to document their High School experience with words and pictures. Our goal is to capture the diversity of student life at D-S... and to have fun while doing it. Come join us!
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Wright


Freshmen Class: TBA
Sophomore Class: Ms. Eckles, Mr. O'Mara
Junior Class: Ms. Wright, Ms. Blais, Ms. Wesoly
Senior Class: Ms. Waterman, Ms. Lockrow

Please contact Mary Andrews (andrewsm@doversherborn.org) with your questions regarding the extracurricular activities that are offered at DSHS.

The Dover-Sherborn Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex/gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or homelessness.  This applies to all curricular and extracurricular programs, activities, services, and scholarships.

The Dover Sherborn Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex/gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or homelessness.

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