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l to r: Liz Benatti, Kara McAuliffe, Beth Hecker, Colette Cronin, Rob Williamson, Andrea Cassidy, Carol Spezzano
in front: Heidi Loando, Ellen Chagnon, Tim O'Mara


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Meet our Department

Ms. Ellen Chagnon - Director Of Guidance

Ellen Chagnon has been with the Dover-Sherborn Regional Schools since 2002, serving as a guidance counselor at the middle school. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut. She has a Masters of Arts degree in Education with a focus in Counseling Psychology. Mrs. Chagnon completed coursework through Boston University to obtain administrative licensure in 2007. Mrs. Chagnon has started a new chapter in her counseling career and is the Director of Guidance for the region, grades 6-12.

DIRECTOR OF GUIDANCE: Ellen Chagnon - Grades 6-12
508-785-1730 Ext. 8617


Mrs. Beth Hecker - School Counselor

Beth Hecker received her undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and her master's degree from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Beth joined the Dover-Sherborn guidance team in 2004 after serving as a school counselor in Stoneham, Massachusetts for twelve years. In addition to the day to day responsibilities, Beth coordinates the standardized testing programs for the PSAT and the SAT at Dover-Sherborn, serves on the high school's Technology Committee, coordinates information for State Scholarships (Stanley Koplik Certificate of Mastery), and coordinates the generic scholarship information that is posted on Naviance for students' review. 

GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: Beth Hecker - Grades 9-12
508-785-1730 Ext. 8619

Mr. Timothy O'Mara - School Counselor

Tim O’Mara joined the guidance team in August, 2017.  Mr. O'Mara is a two time graduate Providence College graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in School Counseling.  Before becoming part of the DS Guidance team, Tim has experience as a college admission counselor as well as a school counselor.  Tim works as a Class Advisor for the Class of 2022.  

GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: Timothy O'Mara - Grades 9-12
508-785-1730 Ext. 8631


Mrs. Carol Spezzano - School Counselor

Carol Spezzano joined the guidance team in February, 2008. Carol is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a major in Psychology. She received her graduate degree in School Counseling from Bridgewater State College. Carol coordinates the Community Scholarship program for the Senior Awards Program. She serves as a member of SPAN, the Substance Prevention & Awareness Network and is a member of TEC's Higher Education Committee. 

GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: Carol Spezzano - Grades 9-12
508-785-1730 Ext. 8620

Mr. Robert Williamson - School Counselor

Rob Williamson joined the guidance team in August, 2012. Following his graduation from Brown University in 2008, Mr. Williamson worked as a college admissions counselor for a number of years until enrolling in a graduate degree program at Boston University. Mr. Williamson graduated from BU with a Master's degree in School Counseling while interning in the Dover Sherborn High School guidance office as a part of his graduate course work. He comes to Dover-Sherborn with additional school counseling experience at Brookline High School. Rob works with the Peer Helping Program and serves as the military liaison for the high school. 

GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: Rob Williamson - Grades 9-12
508-785-1730 Ext. 8624

Mrs. Kara McAuliffe - School Adjustment Counselor

Kara McAuliffe joined Dover Sherborn in 2015. Kara received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Boston College. She holds a Master's of Social Work and is a licensed social worker. Kara has had experience working as a child and adolescent outpatient clinician, and she has been a school-based counselor since 2006. Kara supports students at both Dover Sherborn High School and Middle School. 



Ms. Heidi Loando - School Adjustment Counselor


508-785-8149 Ext. 8696

Counselor Caseload 2022-2023

Counselor Caseload 2022-2023

Mrs. Hecker       Mr. Williamson     Mrs. Spezzano     Mr. O'Mara
Gr 9: Abramian-Gibbs       Gr 9: Gilchrist-McStravick     Gr 9: Melanson-Sakiyama     Gr 9: Salvin-Zatylny
Gr 10: Abbett-Goldstein       Gr 10: Gong-Liu     Gr 10: Loeffler-Rosa     Gr 10: Sanders-Zeng
Gr 11: Abramain-Ethridge       Gr 11: Fallon-Lanczycki     Gr 11: Lane-Pruett     Gr 11: Rapo-Zhang
Gr 12: Acker-Ford       Gr 12: Frankel-Martinovich     Gr 12: Mazurenko-Schroeder     Gr 12: Schwartz-Zulovic

The Dover Sherborn Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex/gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or homelessness.

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