The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) is designed to meet the requirements of the Education Reform Law of 1993. This law specifies that the testing program must test all public school students in Massachusetts, including students with disabilities and limited English proficient students; measure performance based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework learning standards; and report on the performance of individual students, schools, and districts. In order to be awarded a diploma from a public high school in the Commonwealth, a student must pass the grade 10 tests in English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics, and a science, technology and engineering (STE) test. These testing requirements are in addition to one having to fulfill local graduation requirements set forth by his/her high school.

Massachusetts developed a statistically valid method of measuring growth in student, group, school, and district performance over time. The Growth Model complements the MCAS year-by-year test scores, since it reports change over time rather than grade-level performance results in any one year.

During the 2017 Next-Generation MCAS administration, students in grades 4 and 8 will complete a computer-based assessment and all other grades will complete a paper-based assessment. Both assessments will incorporate new types of questions that more deeply assess students' level of knowledge and ability. 

2016 Report Card & Accountability Reports

High School: 2017 Report Card & Accountability Report
Middle School: 2017 Report Card & Accountability Report
Pine Hill: 2017 Report Card & Accountability Report
Chickering: 2017 Report Card & Accountability Report

DESE Site (To search for summaries, district and/or school results, student questionnaires, growth data and scoring conversion tables.)

Massachusetts DOE 2015-2016 Test Schedule

High School Retests - November 2-15, 2016
Grade 3-8 ELA - March 28-April 12, 2016
Grade 10 ELA - March 22-23, 2017
Grade 10 ELA Composition - March 21, 2017
Grade 3-8 Mathematics - April 4-May 26, 2017
Grade 10 Mathematics - May 16-17, 2017
Grade 5 and 8 Science Tech/Engineering - April 4-May 26, 2017
Grade 9 and 10 Biology - June 5-6, 2017

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Graduation Requirements

Test Design and Development

Test Questions

Growth Model

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Parent/Guardian PowerPoint Tutorial on The Growth Model
Educators' PowerPoint Presentation of The Growth Model
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Student Work and Scoring Guides


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