Copying and transferring your email and My Drive files to a personal Google account takes only a few steps when you use Google’s transfer tool. You can also use another program called, Google Takeout, but it is a longer process. It takes about a week to completely transfer all of your data, so give yourself enough time to do so.


Access Google's transfer tool from your Google Account Profile Page for your account. 

1. Simply click on your profile image for your account in Google. Then click on TRANSFER CONTENT from the Home page.

2. Next click on Transfer your content to start the process. You will need to select a destination and verify that location.


Important Considerations Before You Begin

Storage Amounts: A personal Google account is limited to 15 GB. You may have to do some clean up or purchase more space from Google. To view details on your storage usage, navigate to Google Drive Storage within your Google Drive to see the current storage used for your Gmail, Drive, and Photos.

Transfer Ownership: You will want to transfer ownership of files that belong to DS or others by moving them to Shared Drives. Files that remain in just your My Drive will no longer be accessible to others with whom you shared them after your account expires. Note: Files you created in Shared Drives are already available to members of the Shared Drive. Make sure that someone else has Manager permissions of each Shared Drive so someone else will be able to manage the files after you leave.

Processing Time: If you have a large amount of data, the processes may take up to several days to complete (according to Google Support). Once you initiate the transfer or download, you will be able to continue to do your work and even log out. However, the new files may not be available for some period of time. Plan accordingly.

Shared with me: Files shared with you are not part of the Google transfer since you are not the owner. You will have to manually download those files and folders to your computer or storage device.


You can download your Gmail contacts, your YouTube videos, and your photo albums in Google Photos. See Google's Account Help Download your data. 

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