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New HS Schedule for 2020-2020

New HS Schedule
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John Smith's Q & A for HS


1. Will flex block reduce a student's # of DRs?

No. Students will still have DR’s spread among their overall schedule depending on their course selection.

2 How much time is taken from each block for flex block? 

Four minutes has been taken from each period with the exception of period five which is currently 52. Each block will be 53 minutes but period 5 will be 50 minutes to accommodate the shared space for lunch

 3.  How is that made up by holding assemblies, town halls, etc... during flex block?

Yes, instead of pulling students for meetings to run freshmen peer helping, some college visits, town hall, class meetings and other obligations, we will now dedicate time during the flex block

4. Will 1st block privileges continue for all students?

Yes first block sleep in privilege will still be in place for all students 9-12.

5.  What is happening to break?

We still intend on having a ten minute break after the second morning block. Our current break is 12 minutes.

6. Will seniors be able to leave campus during flex block?

Yes seniors may leave campus during the flex block unless we have a scheduled assembly or other all school activity.

7. When are clubs meeting?

Clubs will meet after school from 3:10-3:45/4:00. The exception will be Pine Street which will still have an AM time do to the nature of the work done by students who volunteer to set up breakfast.

8. Will teachers ever be able to meet with students before school for extra help?

In the first year there will be no extra help in the AM. Start times were pushed back so students can get more sleep. We will assess this with student data and surveys to determine if we change this practice after the first year.

9. Will parents be able to meet with teachers before school? 

Yes if parents and teachers are able to find a mutually convenient time to meet before school. By contract teachers are only required to be in the building fifteen minutes before the start of the school day.

10. When will teachers provide extra help?

Teachers will be available to provide extra help during some flex blocks as well as during some after school time depending upon their availability

11. Will students have an assigned classroom during the flex block?

Yes students will be assigned a home base however they do not need to report there on a daily basis. They may go right to a teacher’s room or assigned space if that teacher is available during the flex block.

12. Will any classes be held during the flex block?

We are designing a proposal to have both concert band and chorus meet on opposite days during the flex block. This will enable students to ensure they can take concert band and chorus without sacrificing other electives that they need/want to take. The Performing Arts Department presented this plan to the administration with hopes to continue growing these important programs. 

13. Will the library be available during the flex block?

Yes however not as a typical directed research.  Faculty will be assigned to this space to work with students one to one and in small groups. We envision having English, Social Studies and World Language teachers assigned to this space. Students will still be able to access the library during flex to sign out a book and make copies for projects, assignments. 

14. When will faculty meetings and department meetings take place?

We are pursuing a plan to have all faculty meetings and department meetings held once per month in the AM before school starts. This will allow for teachers to run clubs coach a sport and provide some extra help. 

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