Grade 10



Sophomores build upon their previous career exploration to develop a sense of their own interests and how these interests may translate to possible career decisions later in life. Those students who opt to take the PSAT in October have the opportunity to individually review results with a counselor as results are received. Additionally, tenth grade students participate in a seminar series during the third quarter to cover topics such as:

  • career exploration
  • budgeting and financial responsibility
  • mental health awareness (SOS program)
  • a look forward to junior year and beyond

Information for Sophomores

Sophomore Parent Timeline




  1. Begin light discussion of future and college  
  2. Visit/tour several colleges with your son/daughter for them to become acquainted with the touring process  
  3. If your son/daughter receives individualized services through either a 504 or special education plan, please contact your child’s guidance counselor for information regarding possible standardized testing services for students with disabilities





  1. Encourage your son/daughter to make a strong commitment to his/her education and demonstrate his or her academic potential  
  2. Speak with your child about registering to take the PSAT (held annually in October at DSHS)  
  3. Attend the Standardized Testing Workshop for Sophomore and Junior Parents




  1. Attend Junior Parent Post-Secondary Planning and College Exploration meeting




  1. Support your son/daughter’s intensive research of colleges and universities  
  2. Visit colleges and universities with your son/daughter  
  3. Check the DSHS Guidance website for SAT, Subject Tests and ACT dates as well as registration deadlines. For additional information on these tests please consult the Program of Studies. (suggestion: March - SAT, April - ACT, June – Subject Tests) 
  4. Speak with your child about registering for the Senior Summer College Seminar held in late June 




  1. Visit colleges and schedule interviews if suggested 
  2. (never allow your child to interview at a top choice school first – get some experience) 
  3. Remind your son/daughter to craft an activities resume 
  4. Suggest that your child begin drafting his/her college application essay(s)





  1. Visit colleges and schedule interviews 
  2. (remember to confirm these dates in advance with the front office if your son/daughter must be absent from school) 
  3. Be mindful of college application deadlines!  
  4. Be mindful of standardized testing deadlines for October, November and December testing administrations for SAT and Subject Tests  (if colleges require Subject Tests - not all do!)  
  5. If your child will require financial assistance to attend college, attend a local “Financial Aid Workshop” and check with each college to ascertain the required forms – CSS PROFILE or FAFSA or both  
  6. If filing for financial aid, obtain parent and student pin number for FAFSA



  1. If filing for financial aid, COMPLETE the FAFSA and mail soon after, but not before January 1st


  1. VISIT colleges again before making final decisions 
  2. Send deposit to the ONE college which your son/daughter will attend BEFORE MAY 1ST.

The Dover Sherborn Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex/gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or homelessness.

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