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Academic Support

Open to Grades 9-12

Prerequisite: Specialist Recommendation
No Credit

The goal of Academic Support is to maximize a student's access to and success with the high school curriculum and to assist students in effectively planning for and transitioning to post-secondary opportunities. The Learning Center is available to students with a current Individual Educational Program (IEP), and who require academic support to compensate for learning differences that may otherwise preclude them from making effective progress at Dover-Sherborn High School.

This class focuses on empowering each student to become an independent learner who can successfully employ strengths and strategies that compensate for weaknesses. Academic support focuses on the goals and objectives identified in a student's Individual Education Program (IEP). Instructional time is devoted to developing effective time management and organizational skills and strategies with specific links to content area requirements. Students are encouraged to utilize technology and apply higher order critical thinking skills that relate to the high school curriculum. Students are provided with instruction to become more efficient learners who are able to independently manage their academic responsibilities.

Among other priorities, special educators and instructional support staff may focus on the following activities:

  • Assignment planning/recording

  • Efficient note taking

  • Reinforcement of lab preparation/Scientific Method

  • Development and use of outlines

  • Management of long-term projects

  • Specific reading and writing instruction

  • Content review

  • Test preparation

Inclusion/In Class Support

Special education staff work within the general education classroom to provide support to student’s with a wide variety of diagnosed disabilities. The staff works to provide strategies that accommodate and support all learners.  Special education and general education teachers collaborate on techniques that assist in differentiation of instruction.

Related Services

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is considered a related service in a school system.  A student must be found eligible for special education or a 504 accommodation plan to receive occupational therapy interventions.  The focus of occupational therapy is to assist a student in accessing the curriculum. 

Once the team determines that a student is eligible for services, the occupational therapist identifies the skills that the student needs to develop and/or compensate for and the strategies necessary to function independently in the school environment.  The intervention uses purposeful activities and can occur in a various service delivery models: one to one, small group, or consultation with the team, individual teachers, students and parents. 

Speech and Language Therapy 
The role of the Speech and Language Pathologist is to evaluate and remediate receptive and expressive language skills in young adults.  

Overall goals are to improve language comprehension and expression utilizing curriculum based materials and instruction including assistive technology.   

Goals focus on the development of the following skills: 

Receptive Language

·   short and long term memory, word finding and auditory processing skills

·        auditory comprehension and reading comprehension

·        following oral and written direction and instruction

·        learning strategies

·        meta-cognitive strategies 

Expressive Language 

·        pragmatic skills or social skills

·        fluency

·        voice

·        written language 

a)     form – grammar and punctuation

b)     content – vocabulary , semantics, figurative language and organization

c)     use- written expression, style 

Indirect Services

· in-class language support (cueing, organizing, note-taking, clarifying, modeling, re-stating directions, coaching, team teaching)

· consulting with special ed. Staff

· consulting with general ed. Staff

· team in-services

· report writing 

Counseling - Schools

The Dover Sherborn Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex/gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or homelessness.

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