Faculty Website

A note about faculty websites: Several teachers use Aspen to host their course websites. Parents and students will need to log into Aspen to view the content of these sites. Please review the instructions on how to access the Aspen Family Portal. 

Name Role Website
Ms. Lori Alighieri Tech & Engineering Google Classroom
Mr. Kurt Amber Math  
Mrs. Mary Kathryn Andrews Social Studies Website
Mrs. Marissa Bachand Math Website
Mr. Jim Baroody Math, Chair Website
Mrs. Janae Barrett Science Aspen Website
Mrs, Janice Barry Fine & Performing Arts Website
Mrs. Karyn Bishop Science  
Ms. Carly Blais Fine and Performing Arts Website
Mr. Tom Bourque Social Studies  
Mr. Josh Bridger Science Website
Mrs. Lisa Brodsky Special Education Website
Mr. Darren Buck Fine and Performing Arts Website
Mr. Paul Butterworth Library Website
Mr. Joseph Catalfano English Website
Mrs. Linda Cento Special Education Website
Ms. Sophie Chen Math  
Mrs. Caryn Cheverie Math  
Ms. Deirdre Clancy-Kelley Science Website
Ms. Allison Collins Math  
Ms. Gretchen Donohue English Chair  
Ms. Carly Eckles Math  
Mr. Christopher Estabrook World Language  
Mr. Jeff Farris World Language Chair Website
Ms. Elizabeth Friedman Science Website
Ms. Leonie Glen World Language Website
Mr. David Gomez World Language Website
Ms. Judy Gooen Occupational Therapist Website
Mr. Richard Grady Social Studies Website
Mr. Nick Grout Tech &  Engineering,Chair Website
Mr. Joseph Gruseck Physical Education  
Mrs. Beth Hecker Guidance Counselor Website
Mr. Geoffrey Herrmann Fine and Performing Arts Website
Mr. John Hickey Social Studies, Chair Website
Mr. Scott Huntoon English  
Ms. Ellen Hyman Special Education Website
Mr. Keith Kaplan Social Studies Website
Mrs. Maria Laskaris World Language Website
Mr. Chris Levasseur Science  
Ms. Lindsay Li English Website
Ms. Yanhong (Leah) Li World Language Website 
Mr. Alex Linardi World Language  
Ms. Heather Lockrow English  
Ms. Kristen Loncich Science Website
Ms. Anita Lotti Science Website 
Mr. Elliott Lucil Physical Education  
Ms. Sophie Chen Math  
Mrs. Laura McGovern Health & Wellness  
Ms. Elisabeth Melad Social Studies  
Ms. Kara McAuliffe Adjustment Counselor Website
Ms. Kelly (Sullivan) Menice English Website
Ms. Erin Newton English Website
Mr. Brendan O'Hagan Social Studies  
Mrs. Dianne Pappafotopoulos Tech/Eng. - Instr. Tech Specialist Website - Aspen Website - Tech Integration Guide
Ms. Lisa Pearson Math Website 
Mr. Steve Ryan Math Website
Ms. Caroline (Bartlett) Samoiloff English Teacher  
Mrs. Carol Spezzano Guidance Counselor Website
Mr. Mike Sweeney Tech & Engineering
Media Coordinator
Ms. Leah Swinson Social Studies   
Mrs. Patricia Uniacke World Language Website
Ms. Rebecca Waterman World Language  
Mr. Richard Waterman World Language  
Ms. Alyssa Wesoly Physical Education  
Mr. Robert Williamson Guidance Counselor Website
Ms. Kim Wynn English Teacher  
Ms. Hannah (Potts) Wright Fine and Performing Arts  

The Dover Sherborn Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex/gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or homelessness.

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