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School-based counseling is available to all students in grades K-5 who attend the Pine Hill School.
A Developmental Approach to School Counseling: The Elementary School Years: The elementary
school years are an exciting and stimulating time for children as they transition from home to school,
discover the excitement of learning, develop social skills, build peer relationships, and strive for

A positive elementary school experience sets the stage for the child’s love of learning all
through life and serves to build self-esteem. During these important years, children can be challenged by many factors that can compromise their academic, social, and emotional well-being. The elementaryschool counselor, working in concert with parents/guardians and classroom teachers, has theopportunity to help students successfully navigate the issues and concerns which can present during these exciting and important years in the life of a child.

The Role of the Elementary School Counselor:

The primary role of the Pine Hill School Counselor is to help students from kindergarten through fifth grade meet their academic, social, and emotional needs, while working in direct partnership with parents/guardians and teachers to help students experience school success across all lines of academic, social, and emotional development. Children may be seen individually or in a group session. Counseling support can be provided in many forms. Students may be seen for short -term support, ongoing support, or in a crisis intervention format. Children may be helped to better understand their learning style, work through a specific problem, enhance their social skills, or cope with an emotional or situational challenge in their lives. The Pine Hill Counselor also works in classrooms to facilitate whole group discussions to help students enhance their social skills or to work through a particular classroom concern. The Pine Hill Counselor serves as a consultant and reference source to parents/guardians to help them meet their children’s needs. The counselor is available to talk to parents about child development issues, parenting issues, emotional/social concerns, and to serve as a sounding board for parents who want to think through a particular situation they need to address with their child. In addition, the counselor can help parents connect to communityresources, and can provide an opportunity for parents to come together to discuss child development issues by offering a child development book group or another parent educational experience.

Parent /Guardian – Counselor Communication:

In order to meet the needs of students, ongoing and frequent communication with parents is welcomed and essential. Parents will be contacted if their child needs to be seen in school counseling or if their child requests counseling support. Parents/Guardians may call the counselor directly to ask questions, discuss concerns, seek support, or refer their child for counseling. Following this consultation, parent/guardians will build a plan together with the counselor to meet the needs of their child. Children often seek out the counselor to help them solve school or friendship issues and parents/guardians often ask the counselor to help support their child during a family crisis. All problems and concerns are treated with respect and all communications with children
and parents/guardians are treated with confidentiality.


The Dover Sherborn Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex/gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or homelessness.

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