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Fall 2019 News

last update: 11/05/19

School Start Time Task Force subcommittees have been busy this summer working on Phase II --  planning for implementation of flipped elementary and secondary start times in the fall of 2020.  

Toward that end, Dawn Fattore worked over the summer to review current bus operations and incorporate effective and efficient changes that will make for a smoother transition next year as well providing benefits to students this upcoming school year.  In tightening up bus schedules and consolidating bus stops where safe and effective, many bus pick ups have been moved later and travel time has been minimized. One morning Region route in Sherborn was added to align total travel time with our other bus routes. The Task Force is working toward sharing more details about implementation, including firmer start times, at the Joint School Committee Meeting in October. Each subcommittee includes representation from across the community where appropriate and aims to involve the greater community through communication and surveys this fall. If you’d like to share something with any one of the subcommittees, please email

Please continue to check this web site and follow our Twitter (@d_szzzs) for the latest news regarding Phase II.  As always, we welcome your input. Email us at

Spring 2019 News

On Tuesday, April 30,  the Dover, Sherborn, and Dover Sherborn Regional School Committees voted 14-0 in favor of changing our school start times for the 2020-2021 school year.  Specifically, the motion read:

“…to adopt the recommendation of the Superintendent to pursue the FLIP option with the start time for elementary schools to be no earlier than 7:50 am and the start time for the middle school/high schools to be no later than 8:35 am beginning with the 2020-2021 school year.“

Based on this the preliminary schedules will be:

SST Approved for Fall 2020 

This vote came at the end of a very detailed and lengthy process.  Research was conducted, thousands of comments were submitted and reviewed through District-wide surveys and email, conversations were held with our stakeholders, and a variety of possibilities were considered.  

We recognize the magnitude of this change and the potential impacts it will have on our system and intend to implement the new model properly.  In phase two of this process, which essentially begins now, we will be developing working groups under the Start Times Task Force that will seek to mitigate impacts on school schedules, teacher and family lives, athletics, performing arts, extra help and other critical before/after school activities, transportation, and much more.

Stay tuned for more information on how you might participate in the process moving forward and be sure to continue submitting feedback to the Task Force as needed (   We look forward to exploring the many opportunities to make this change a positive experience for all DS families.


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