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Superintendent's Welcome

Read the Superintendent's 2023-2024 Back To School Letter Here 

Welcome to the Dover-Sherborn Public Schools!

I am honored to be serving the students of Dover, Sherborn and Boston alongside many talented educators, supportive families and dedicated community members. The Dover-Sherborn Public Schools have a tradition of excellence in achieving their mission to, “inspire, challenge and support all students as they discover and pursue their full potential.” I am committed to preserving this distinction and supporting the District in its pursuit of continuous improvement by bringing to fruition a shared vision for 21st century education. 

On a holistic level, we are focused on rediscovering the joy of teaching and learning. The recent pandemic impacted physical and emotional wellness, challenged capacity and stamina, and shifted attention and practice. In addition to building strong relationships and engaging students in deep, meaningful ways, educators strive to cultivate curiosity, foster creativity and infuse fun as full in-person learning is embraced and celebrated. 

As for the instructional focus, the District continues to build upon the work of the Academic Innovation Committee and “silver linings” of remote and hybrid learning, employing and sharing practices that engage students in new and meaningful ways. Educators continue to utilize platforms such as Seesaw and Google Classroom as management tools; apps such as Edpuzzle, Padlet and Pear Deck for interactive learning; and alternative assessment strategies such as screencasts, Google slideshows and real-time surveys to gauge student understanding and mastery. The world of education has undoubtedly changed and will continue to evolve as educators find new and innovative ways to leverage adaptive technology and artificial intelligence.

In light of its work with Challenge Success, the District maintains its focus on the “whole child,” addressing the academic, social-emotional and behavioral needs of students by way of a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS). Through ongoing collection of formative data, educators provide students access to differentiated learning in the classroom with opportunities for targeted small-group instruction as needed. Recently added positions, including interventionists, counselors and related service providers, collaborate with educators to expand the repertoire of evidence-based practices for all students while increasing capacity to meet individual needs. Specialized programming ensures all students have access to a comprehensive and highly rigorous curriculum. 

To further its commitment to educational equity, the District collaborated with the New York University to assess school culture and climate; disaggregate achievement data; and gauge access for all students to high-quality programming, tiered systems of support and fair policies and practices. Researchers collected qualitative and quantitative data from multiple sources, including students, parents/caregivers, alumni, educators, administrators and community members. Via working groups and community forums, the District is in the process of determining which recommendations to adopt, adapt or decline to pursue. Deliberation and decisions have been and will be rooted in three sources of guidance - the mission of the District, standards and practices established by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and legal mandates set forth by state and federal agencies. It is our goal to ensure that each of our students feels valued and engaged.

The District is eternally grateful to the taxpayers who provide a strong financial foundation for an exceptional PK-12 program. The schools continue to benefit from the generous support of community organizations such as the PTOs, Boosters, Friends of the Performing Arts (FOPA), Mudge Foundation, among others. As a result, students have access to dynamic learning experiences in the classroom, on the field, on the stage, and through an array of clubs and activities that serve to challenge and inspire. Dover-Sherborn is a nationally recognized District in both the academic and extracurricular arenas, a continued source of pride for the community and its members. 

Thank you for your interest in our schools.

Elizabeth McCoy, Superintendent

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent 
(508) 785-0036 

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