The Pine Hill Library's Terrific Top 100 Book Donation Program


A new way to support our wonderful School Library!

The CSA and the Pine Hill Library have decided to replace the December Book Fair with a new year-long book donation program. Now families can donate books to our School Library any time you want!
Buy a book from the Pine Hill Library’s Top 100 Wish List on and it will be delivered to the library where a dedication book-plate will be placed in the cover. Your child’s picture will be taken with the book and displayed on the library bulletin board.
Look for details about the:
*Birthday Book Donation program
*Curriculum Builder selections
*Holiday gift donations
* New for the Owl’s Nest
*and MORE!

To access the Pine Hill Library’s Wish List simply follow these steps:
2. Select “Wish List” in the upper right hand corner.
3. Under “Find someone’s list” type “Pine Hill Library” and you will have access to our School Library’s Wish List.
4. Simply select the title(s) you’d like to purchase.
5. As you proceed through the purchasing process, select the “Gift Option.” This will allow you to type a free gift note message that will be delivered to Mrs. Ryan with the book. This message will be printed onto a book plate for the donated book. You can type a separate note for each book you order.
For example:
“This book has been donated in honor of
Sam Turner’s 10th Birthday
by his grandparents.”
6. Complete the ordering process. The book will be delivered to Pine Hill and a book plate placed in the front of the book. Your child’s picture will be taken with the new book and displayed on the library bulletin board.
***If you choose to purchase one of the Top 100 from another bookseller, please include a note with the dedication information when you drop the book off at the library.
It’s that easy! Please email Mrs. Laurie Ryan at with any questions.