District Staff Directory

Dover Sherborn Schools

Administration Building

157 Farm Street

Dover, MA 02030


Mr. Steven B. Bliss Superintendent 7503
Dr. Karen LeDuc Assistant Superintendent 7504
Ms. Therese Green Director of Special Education 7115
Ms. Christine Tague Business Manager 7514
Mrs. Janelle Madden Food Service Director 7508
Mrs. Susan Barss Food Service Administrative Assistant 7508
Mr. Ralph Kelley Facilities Director 7507
Mr. Anthony Ritacco Technology Director 7210
Mrs. Dianne Pappafotopoulos K-12 Instructional Technology Specialist 7217
Ms. Monique Marshall-Veale METCO Director 7131
Mrs. Carolyn Genatossio K-12 School Nurse Leader 8621
Mrs. Cheryl Ingersoll Administrative Assistant to Superintendent 7503
Mrs. Tricia Schmitt Administrative Assistant to Asst. Superintendent 7504
Mrs. Heidi Perkins Assistant Business Manager 7505
Mrs. LeeAnne Wilkie Payroll 7511
Ms. Janice Frechette Accounts Payable - Sherborn  /  Dover 7506
Mrs. Elizabeth Conigliaro Accounts Payable - Dover Sherborn Region 7510
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