Chickering Weekly News

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Chickering Weekly News
Febrauary 14, 2014
2/17 -  2/21   February Vacation week
2/26/14 Wed Chickering Coffee, Technology k-5 , 8:45- 9:45
2/26 Wed Early Release Day- dismissal 12:15
2/27 Thurs Kindergarten  Orientation,   7-8 pm
2/28 Fri Coffee with Janelle, Director of Food Service, 8:45am
Principal News
Dear Families,
It's been a very cold winter.  It makes today's weather, with a high in the 30s, seem downright balmy.  Of course that was in the morning, and now it's really cold, so how do we handle the indoor/outdoor recess call, and fluctuations throughout the day?  Our rule at school is that if the temperature or wind chill is 20 degrees or below, we stay indoors, and having a cut-off makes it easier than making a judgment call every day from November to March.  But this year, the kids have had a lot of indoor recess, and folks are tired of it.
Can we PLEEEEEASE have outdoor recess?
That came from a staff member last week.  We get it.  Being indoors day after day is not nearly as much fun as going out, and being in the same room the entire day isn't easy.  So here's what we're doing:  If it's New England "wicked cold," but tolerable for a short burst, we make the decision in the front office to send kids out for a shorter-than-usual outdoor recess, just to get the kids outside for fresh air and exercise.  And even if it's horribly slushy and Lake Chickering has formed on the playground, we send them out anyway.  (Soggy kids do not make good learners, so please send in adequate winter gear.)
But what if we do need to stay indoors?  Kids can bring in games from home, as long as they are appropriate and not electronic.  I'm thinking chess, checkers, and cards.  Most kids in the younger grades love to pull out math games already in the classroom, working on the iPads, or the creative act of making games or drawing.  I look at it as an opportunity for kids to draw on their inner resources to entertain themselves, and kids love the unstructured time to socialize.  Families can help by encouraging these things at home as well.  I always get a bit discouraged when I ask kids if they're going to play in the freshly fallen snow when they get home and they say they're just going to play computer games.  As I would say to my own kids, the games themselves aren't a problem, it's just that if they do too much of that, they don't spend time reading, or drawing, or playing outside.  Building capacity and love for those things is worthwhile, and will come in handy later when they are stuck in an airport because flights are delayed due to snow…
So we are back to the weather.  May it warm up over the break - enough to have fun outside together! 
Coffee with Janelle, Food Services
Chickering PTO's Health, Wellness, Sustainability Committee once again hosts "Coffee with Janelle on Friday February 28th at 8:45am
Come and learn what's new with school lunch. Janelle Madden, regional Food Services Director will bring us up to date on new state and federal regulations that govern what is served for lunch. What is "no snacks without cash"? What is the farm to school program?  How can I get an in invoice for my child's food purchases?   Parent/Child Lunch dates, anyone???
Also hear from Health, Wellness & Sustainability members about our sustainability efforts at Chickering. Upcoming Whole Foods sponsored "Taste a Rainbow" food tasting, and plans for Spring edibles garden planting 
See below for the link to the FIT & LIT Log the students need to fill out.
From the Heath Office: 
We are seeing a fair amount of illness in the health office and within school community. Please remember your child MUST BE  symptom free (temperature, diarrhea, vomiting, etc) for 24 hrs.without  medication before returning to school.  Please help us to keep Chickering healthy. 
Community News
Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade Soccer
Dover Sherborn Soccer Club has revamped its K-2 soccer programming to offer a progressive, exciting and community-centred program for the spring 2014 season.
The new program will combine Dover and Sherborn communities each week but will split 2nd grade from Kindergarten and 1st grade. This will maintain the exciting community aspects of the Kindergarten and 1st grade program, while providing 2nd graders with a slightly different, more advanced program format.
As well as this, all coaches will be given a professionally produced practice curriculum to help them put on enjoyable, developmental practices for all players.
 Program details
Location:      Chickering Field, Dover. (123 Dedham Street)
(Parking available @ Chickering School and Chickering Field)
Times:             SUNDAYS
2nd Grade @ 12:15-1:45pm
                        Kindergarten and 1st Grade @ 2:00-3:30pm
Calendar:04/06 - Season start, 04/13, 04/20 - No K-2, 04/27,05/04,05/11, 05/18,
05/25 - No K-2, 06/01, 06/08
06/15 - Jamboree - All teams (K-2) at Laurel Field, Sherborn @ 1:00-2:30pm
Dear 2nd Grade boys parents,
It is that time of year to starting thinking about the 2014 Spring Lacrosse season.  We are looking forward to another great year of Dover lacrosse.  If you haven't already, please click on the below link and register your son for the 2nd grade Instructional Lacrosse team. If you are new to lacrosse, this is a great way for your son to get introduced.
We are also looking for some interested parents to help coach and manage the team this year.  If you are new to the sport and have questions please contact Mike Crane at 508-274-8409 or Joel Thomson 617-304-7952.  
We look forward to having a fun and exciting season together.
Spring Baseball
Registration is now open for Spring baseball and softball on the website.
Spring Season Baseball and Softball is open to Dover and Sherborn residents in Grades 1 through 8.  Your player is eligible to play in a spring league based on the current school grade.
Visit for more information.